Clinical Case 1

Endodontic Surgery: Apicoectomy #35 with Cyst Removal and Bond Apatite®

Dr. Damien Dudek DMD, Poland

Case Description

Healthy 32 year old male with a cyst which has not resolved after 5 months of endodontic treatment. He experiences occasional pain and discomfort. The root of #35 (20) was resected, with a backfill of the root canal with MTA. Cyst enucleation was confirmed with histopathology examination. The bone defect was filled with Bond Apatite® (0.5cc)

Good healing was observed 6 months post-op with no clinical symptoms. Only two days of pain and minor swelling was reported after the surgery.

During the surgery we observed how nicely the Bond Apatite® filled the bone was observed 6 months post-op defect, and how traditional augmentation techniques (bovine bone, membrane, pins etc.) take more time and are more difficult to use.

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