The fastest, easiest and most efficient bone augmentation material the market has ever seen. Simply Place, Press and Close!

Bond Apatite® is a composite graft, composed of 2/3 biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix’s and 1/3 HA granules in a controlled particle size distribution, intended to fill or augment a large diversity of osseous defects.

Augma Biomaterials flagship novel product is premade composite graft formulation of biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix with hydroxyapatite granules in a controlled particles size distribution.

Bond Apatite® is a cement-based, osteoconductive composite, mineral bone substitute that is used for bone reconstruction and regeneration in the maxillofacial and dental alveolar applications and is intended for filling, augmenting and reconstructing a broad range of bone defects.

Bond Apatite® is composed of 2 matrices which have different absorption coefficients and characteristics. The first matrix is a patented biphasic calcium sulfate which is absorbed and replaced completely with the patient’s own bone. The second matrix is a formula of hydroxyapatite granules which serves as a longer range space maintainer. The product guarantees minimal invasive surgical procedure, reduced treatment time and convenient manipulation of the graft material for the clinician and his patient, due to the product’s unique nature and the specially designed syringe. In less than a minute the entire graft placement and stabilization can be achieved, even in the most challenging situations. A membrane is not required with Bond Apatite® during the grafting procedure if full soft tissue closure can be achieved.

  • Easy to use all-in-one syringe delivery straight to the operative site
  • Quick and easy to activate and dispense – only takes seconds!
  • Instant command set after placement
  • Sets hard even in the presence of blood and saliva
  • Primary closure not essential <3mm gap perfectlyacceptable
  • Does not need a membrane – saves time and money!
  • Complete conversion to patient’s own bone – 90% after3 months, +95% after 8 months
  • Contains 2/3rds biphasic Calcium Sulphate with Hydroxyapatite granules in a controlled size distribution

Simplify the procedure, dramatically reduce the operation time & shorten the healing time.

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